June 23

HUMILITY MONTH: DAY 23: “Real humility is graceful power, not a mandate to be victimized and abused.”― Bryant McGill

Sometimes people believe that being humble is being humiliated. Or putting ourselves in the position to allow humiliation. That is never true.

Having Ego smashed is the point…always. We are here to smash our egos. There is no other way to have a spiritual experience. But smashing Ego is never the same as bashing our humanity or our souls. So many people do NOT understand the difference between the two.

Bullies like to beat others down to their size, which is pretty small. They are threatened by anyone who may appear larger, smarter, more complete than they are. They live in Ego, and so want to beat others to the size they believe they are. What happens is not about smashing Ego, but smashing the soul of another. That is not humility. It is bullying.

What we can do for one another when we lift each other up is powerful. And it is not about inflating each other’s Egos, but about lifting our hearts and spirits up high enough to reflect all the sun in the universe. This is graceful power. This is what we are here to do for each other and for ourselves. It is the opposite of blowing smoke up other’s asses, but ALL about empowering each other to go higher and higher in spirit and heart. I love that!

Published by: Kelly

I am a therapist and counselor with long-term recovery from addictions and personal trauma. My writing reflects these experiences and the road I have traveled in 12-Step recovery settings, along with the work I have done for over 30 years in the field. My love of dolphins includes the stories of them being healers in places all over the world. I long to offer every broken spirit and body the experience of a healing hug. May my words and stories inform, uplift and delight your spirit and soothe your weary heart.

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