Blog 2

Love Me Please

I had an awareness today that was pretty profound for me. Something I have been struggling with for years. There are common understandings in spiritual communities that I have been able to grasp and this one brought them all together in a personal “AHA!” moment that inspired me and made me want to cry. I wrote about it as it came…I often have to grab a pen and paper right after a good sit, because these things need to be written down so that I may incorporate them more fully into my consciousness.

We have all heard that others are a mirror to look into, that their problematic or uncomfortable (to us) behaviors are there for us to see as having something to do with who we are and how we are. In this struggle to love and accept others, we believe they come to teach us (they do!); but the truer nature of this was brought home to me today in a deeper way. I have been discussing with others recently the mirrors in their lives and how they can accept more fully who they are by seeing into and loving those mirrors. This is part of it.

BUT, the real thing that came to me this morning is that our desire to heal is calling others to come into our experience to show us those things that we do not accept or love within our own beings. This is a bit deeper. When I call someone to manifest, for me, those things that I refuse to acknowledge or accept about Kelly, this loving and generous Universe will put those things into play all around me. As I learn to accept unconditionally those who show me these things, I get to see that it is really my own ability to be those things that I must accept, embrace and love. THAT is the nature of the healing. So, as usual, I have had it all backwards.

Now I can see that I have actually been creating those things in others so that I can love Kelly, just as she is. No judgment, no criticism, no beating of self to become different. Oh! So today I am sitting with this intention and walking with this intention, and loving the fact that the Universe is gifting me, once again, with this incredible piece of the puzzle. I MUST accept and love myself, (and move past ALL behaviors and judgments of them) and when I do that, I can be free from these judgments of self and others. I knew that, now I can see how it all comes into being. I thank my teachers for showing me the face of who I am, truly am, without judging or having to run away from you and your lesson. Yay!

So, far all of those wonderful people with whom I have been working on inventories and other profound ways of seeing our lives differently, here is what has come after the last month of diving into and swimming through our hatred and destruction of who we are. The Universe loves us so much that we get to share our lives with every asshole who is just as we are! They are brought to us to show us who we be and what that feels like! And THEN we can love and accept that we are broken and can be repaired. It has NOTHING to do with other…just us…what gifts we receive when we dare to open the wrapping paper and look inside the box that we have kicked into the corner 500 times. Oh! and Yay! Thank you for assisting me in asking the questions and, today, for receiving this answer. It is ALWAYS me! and you! oh yeah!

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