My journey into and through healing began with being broken by the life I lived many years ago. In 1986, I began to recover from an addiction to cocaine and alcohol. I have healed from the trauma of my early life during this time. My passion for healing has brought me into the realm of addiction treatment, trauma treatment, and many other paths of work and personal recovery. I  have maintained my recovery and worked in such settings as County agencies for the mentally ill, State agencies for the criminally mentally ill, jails and prisons (both adult and juvenile), and many, many treatment centers and recovery programs. I am a strong advocate for treatment and recovery and have published hundreds of articles on the topics of  Early-Treatment lifestyles, types of recovery programs, informational articles about recovery of all types, and heavily researched pages on all forms of drugs and processes of addiction. This has kept my training and education fresh and viable, informed by the latest technology and information about my topics.

I specialize in trauma and have worked with veterans, gang members, convicted persons of all ages, those with co-occurring mental health issues and high-profile addiction clients.

My writings are based on my own journey into and through 12-step recovery, although I am well-versed in other formats and models available in today’s treatment world.

My approach to healing is based on wellness of body, mind and spirit. Utilizing healing practices of yoga, Ayurveda principles, various spiritual practices and traditions, Reiki and energy healing work, meditation, Mindfulness trainings, nutritional and dietary practices, along with the personal healing journey of each individual I work with.

I am trained in these practices, as well as clinical practices in Conflict Resolution, Mediation, Anger Management, Domestic Violence, and numerous protocols for trauma and grief treatment. I also work in Family systems, teaching healthy family dynamics and healing practices for families broken by addiction, violence or trauma. Some of this work has been done in settings such as hospice, penal institutions, treatment settings and private sector, along with Veterans’ groups, County law enforcement agencies, State law enforcement agencies and many others.

My writings here and in other forums are being compiled into books I hope to publish in the near future. Thank you for exploring and commenting on what you find here. May it lead to your healing from whatever life has brought to your door. Namaste and Peace!


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