My Projects

Project 1: I write daily blog posts about the spiritual principles behind 12-step recovery. I began this project several years ago, when I wrote a daily blurb on fb and posted it about Gratitude, my seminal theme and where I have done most of my personal and professional work. I enjoyed it so much, and got such good feedback on doing this, that I decided to try a project every day after November (Gratitude Month). So I began to develop my own version of the principles I believe underlie the 12 steps. Beginning in January, and Step 1, these grew to be a daily piece I have posted for two years. The goal with these writings is to publish a book for use by members in 12-step recovery that can be read each day; a kind of thought provoking meditation piece. These are the daily posts I put on this website for others to enjoy.

Project 2: My desire, as a writer, is to create books, journals, and workbooks for Gratitude practice in recovery. I wrote a thesis (book) about my research into the practice for newly-recovering addicts and have taught this as a practice for over 30 years. My personal experience, along with the research since the early 1990s has informed this project. I teach what I most want to see in the world around me. A culture of happy and contented people who maintain this practice. My friend used to say: “Grateful people are happy people; them that ain’t, ain’t.” Such truth!

Project 3: To develop and implement workshops and retreat weekends to allow others, with whom I am not able to interface in groups, to learn some of the tools that I have taught for the last 28 years regarding Relationships, Family Healing Systems, Recovery from all types of addictions and codependency, Meditation and Mindfulness, Stress Reduction, Anger Management, Communication skills for Personal and Professional Use, and other skills for healing inappropriate ways of getting personal needs met.

Project 4: To develop and publish workbooks for the topics mentioned above to be used in treatment settings, by mental health professionals, and others looking for a way to heal that is hands-on instruction for those who learn best by those methods. These would also include workbooks for recovery from addictions and codependency, those who suffer from co-occurring disorders of mental or physical illness, and others who are looking for healing from inappropriate coping skills.

Project 5: To continue to work with, one-on-one, in groups or in whatever fashion possible, everyone who is in need of a compassionate and attentive person to listen, hear, see and guide them in finding their own answers to life. Teaching others how to access their inner guide is key to empowering them to begin their healing journey. To unconditionally provide this is the purpose of my life today. We all know what is best for us to do and be, but are not trained to trust this inner guidance, or it may be blocked from us by voices of criticism and disapproval we believe in more strongly.

Project 6: To publish online the recordings I have developed over years of practice teaching meditation for those who enjoy guided meditation or for those who are early in beginning a practice and seek this type of assistance.

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