April 2

HONESTY MONTH: DAY 2: “Make yourself an honest man, and then you may be sure that there is one less scoundrel in the world.” ― Thomas Carlyle

I love this idea…that we can make ourselves honest people. We really can. The biggest lies we tell are to ourselves.

The delusions that we operate under are dispelled as we do this work. The steps are designed to do just that…to “SMASH” our ego. We are here to learn about who we really are. In some arenas, we will begin to live into THAT.

It is challenging to become honest with self. We have to let go of ideas around Good and Bad, Right and Wrong, and all forms of Judgment. This means we must stop using the word Should and Ought. They convey an idea that we know someone’s path more than we do.

We don’t even know our own path. It is unfolding perfectly, one moment at a time, just as we step into each moment. If THAT is true, and I am convinced it IS; then we are here to live an unexpected, unconditional, unjudged existence that is constantly new and different and a bit scary because it is ALWAYS unpredictable and shifting. OH YEAH!

So, given those basic truths, how on earth can we pretend to tell others what they SHOULD do or what they OUGHT to be doing?? Not possible. Let it go. Get out of their way and let them live their lives. This is the ONLY way we can be present to living our own.

This is the truth! This is how we become honest. We let go of rules and ideas that we have formed and be open and willing to let life be lived through us. We are NOT here to drive the bus, (Remember, we just did Step 3, didn’t we???); but to let life unfold in each perfect moment into the perfect life we are here to have.

This is how we become one less scoundrel. We look at our issues of dishonesty and control and deception (to US!) and others. We clean that up and move into the next moment. If we are armed with the truth, we are open to life. When we are living in delusion and dishonesty, the Universe is here to kick us into letting go of that shit.

Thinking we are WELL or GOOD is terribly dishonest. We are neither. We just ARE. There are no labels, no judgments, no anything attached to us. That is our crap and it will kill us. We cannot get GOOD around here. The steps are going to give us what we need to get REAL.

All authenticity is based on the concept of REAL. I want to be authentic and real. It is like the story of the Velveteen Rabbit, who only became real through being loved. We may look torn up and ragged to the world, but love lives inside us, where truth resides. And that, my friend is what real looks like too. It is all on the inside.

No one else can access that truth. It belongs to us and the Power we walk with, on the path of truth and living inside the Power, and it lives inside us. I love this more than I can say. My truth will change today, and I will be open enough to accept it and live in that new place…YAY!!

Published by: Kelly

I am a therapist and counselor with long-term recovery from addictions and personal trauma. My writing reflects these experiences and the road I have traveled in 12-Step recovery settings, along with the work I have done for over 30 years in the field. My love of dolphins includes the stories of them being healers in places all over the world. I long to offer every broken spirit and body the experience of a healing hug. May my words and stories inform, uplift and delight your spirit and soothe your weary heart.

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