March 20

FAITH MONTH: DAY 20: “Define yourself radically as one beloved by God. This is the true self. Every other identity is illusion.” ― Brennan Manning

This is a new quote for me. I just loved the idea that I am on the right track by calling myself “God’s favorite kid.”

It does not mean that others are excluded from this, just that they do not recognize their beloved-ness. I do. I find that the more I focus on the good that is coming to me from all directions and at all times, the more there is!

There are gurus all over the place. People pay money to hear them and see them tell them these truths. We want so badly to believe there is purpose and meaning in this crazy life. But we continue to focus on the news, the insanity of mass media and social networks, the things our egos tell us are going on, the gloom and doom of that shit and all the ways and means we attempt to divert our attention and hide. It is not possible to have a spiritual experience of life if you forget to invite the spiritual part of it to the party.

If you are looking in the dungeon for life’s answers, they will all dwell in darkness and gloom. If you look to the natural world where wonder and beauty and awe appear at every turn, you will find those things. We must learn to look in our hearts for the love we are desiring. It does not live outside of there. It cannot live in someone else’s heart. It live in all of us.

I cannot find a car battery at the grocery store. I have to go to where the  things are that I want for them to be found.

I love being God’s favorite kid. It is a beautiful and magical life when I live into that space. I continue to manifest and experience the world in beautiful and happy ways. I discover wonder and awe almost every day, because I wake up expecting that. And I focus on that, so it happens all the time. Any  thing that is not wonder and awe is there to teach me to find the beauty and magic that is not at first apparent to me. Then I see it and go…”Wow!” I did not see that at first…how cool is that?”

I have lived each day as if it were a miracle for some time now. And it has been so. This is a beautiful thing, and I am so incredibly blessed. My faith is that there is nothing that is not perfect in life and that there is always a place for me to look that is new and amazing.